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OpenCart offers Analytics, then again it’s carried out so overall that it’s no longer adequate even for a little retailer.Nonetheless, for just a few questions, you might perchance well well accumulate a resolution the usage of this IMReport module-Pleasant reporting of sales and orders (document “Working product”, “buyer Neighborhood”, “Orders by dilemma (provide)”, “Manufacturers (product quantity)” And heaps others).Advantage1.

Routine calculation of the amount. Within the same earlier analog for bought merchandise ” the amount is calculated incorrectly.2. Ability to upload info to CSV info.3. Great developed filters (clients, buyer groups, categories, manufacturers, etc)4.

Each of the experiences is personalized to clear up the greatest projects, so you don’t have to “rummage by way of configurations and create one thing” (and the customers document has as many as 3 unfamiliar modes).

In easy phrases, it is a tool for folks. Open and Filtering and paging are performed on the JS client side. Once filtered the tips and “twist and flip it as you will need” (this means in be conscious is extra safe than server filtering, sorting, and paging, since info is transmitted once, and JS performs filtering and paging very snappy; to boot, in the case of the frequent server means, filtering and paging blocks the principle tables that with orderly amounts of information will position off needless braking for patrons of your on-line retailer).6.

Ajax info loading — no have to reload the originate at any time when. Every little thing is carried out snappy and conveniently.7. And heaps just a few “Candies”.Working product document»Because the title suggests. This document lets you analyze the total product sold for its recognition.

A actually convenient document for these who want stable and aspects of the total commerce turnover. The document, “commodities on the selections»Right here is an extended model of the “Most up-to-date product” document, the build all purchases of the product are sorted by its configuration in the selections.

In varied phrases, you might perchance well well uncover what number of computers were in circulation, computers with added 8GB RAM, computers with a non-frequent case, computers with both memory and the case, etc. This document is namely vital for these who occupy choices strongly occupy an affect on product sales.

As an illustration, the textile industry (shall we embrace, dresses), equipment (shall we embrace, computers), meals (shall we embrace, a pizza retailer), etc.Stock Steadiness document»This document lets you uncover the stock balances for the desired class, manufacturers, and the filter for the date when the product modified into once added.

A particular feature is that the document shows the stability for both the product itself and its particular person merchandise. this document is namely vital for these who occupy an on-line retailer linked to an exact retailer.

Or the earn retailer is an middleman between just a few suppliers and the tip buyer.Have in thoughts that the browser’s capabilities are no longer as safe as these of Excel or Opencal. It’s quite no longer easy for the browser to camouflage hundreds of positions.

Subsequently, for these who want to compare a sufficiently orderly quantity of goods, shall we embrace, all merchandise from 20,000 items (in conjunction with it’s better to make deliver of uploading to a CSV file, since Excel and OpenCalc can with out effort address such loads.The document, “Monitoring»This document lets you snappy uncover what merchandise are lacking from the warehouse and are seeking to be ordered from suppliers.

The document is extinct in two stages.The first. On the “stability Management (settings)” tab, it is advisable to position the minimal balances for merchandise and their choices. Demonstrate that if if negative, this product shall be displayed per the document settings.

If a selected cost of the minimal required stability is specified for a product or product option, then this product or option shall be displayed according as to if there are adequate of them in the warehouse or no longer.

In allege for you to veil the product or option from the document the least bit, lawful specify the associated price (there might perchance well additionally be no residues no longer as much as zero).Second. After you might perchance well occupy specified the settings, you might perchance well be ready Download to deliver the document.

The “Minimum amount (default)” filter cost is utilized to all merchandise or choices which occupy negative or no balances. So for these who might perchance well well occupy the majority of merchandise or their choices wants to be offered in the same amount, then you don’t have to position them.Demonstrate.

To simplify the path of, the minimal amount cost is laid out in the localization file. The “default_min_need_quantity” parameter.Demonstrate: You shall be ready to snappy edit values right some distance off from the document.Listing Turnover document»This document lets you uncover a month-to-month document for the period of orders.

In a a bit more uncomplicated means, orders with the desired filters are grouped by month for the chosen period, and their number and complete amount are calculated.You shall be ready to additionally search handiest for these orders which occupy there are merchandise from the desired categories for the desired manufacturers.Portray ” allege Turnover by day»This document lets you uncover a day to day document for the period of orders.

To construct it a little bit more uncomplicated, for the chosen period, orders with the desired filters are grouped by day, and their amount, provide, amount of goods (from order_total), complete amount, and corrector (reductions, and plenty of others.; complete amount minus the amount of goods, and plenty of others.) are calculated.

you might perchance well be ready to additionally search handiest for orders which occupy merchandise from the desired categories by the desired manufacturers.The document, “buyer Neighborhood»This document lets you to find info on buyer groups for the period, taking into memoir the specifics of the bought merchandise and their categories.

Please present that on this document, the provide amount is additionally included in the amount. If it is a little bit more uncomplicated, then the form of orders is displayed for every neighborhood amount is arena to filters.Portray ” Orders by dilemma (provide)»This document lets you uncover the quantity of orders for every nation and dilemma for the period, taking into memoir the specifics of the bought merchandise and their categories.

Please present that on this document, the provide amount is additionally included in the amount. If it is a little bit more uncomplicated, then for every pair the Nation/Residing (section of provide) shows the form of orders and the amount, in conjunction with filters.Portray (clients, provide, payment)»This document lets you filter all orders by clients and their extinct provide and payment solutions, with the skill to filter by means names and codes.

This document is namely vital for these who want to compare the most most traditional payment and provide solutions for particular clients. As an illustration, to originate Download better stipulations for frequent clients.Shipping Portray»This document is model of the same earlier Sales / provide document.

Helps you to peep the recognition of varied provide solutions reckoning on the filters (payment, provide, clients), as smartly as the total quantity.Unlike a frequent document, grouping is performed in line with the time code, the means title and transport.The document, “the Producers (of merchandise)»This document lets you uncover the quantity of merchandise sold for every Producer for the period, taking into memoir the specifics of the bought merchandise and their Demonstrate that this document summarizes the merchandise in the class themselves.

To construct it a little bit more uncomplicated, the form of merchandise and the amount with filters are displayed for every Producer.The Portray “Choices»This document lets you uncover the recognition of choices in your orders for a particular period of time, taking into memoir the filter by class and manufacturer.

In varied phrases, you might perchance well be ready to now uncover the most traditional dresses sizes or computers’.The Portray “Possibilities»Right here’s a comprehensive document that lets you music your clients ‘ orders.

There are three forms of experiences in complete:The first. Routine. This document shows info on clients and the form of their orders for the desired period. It comprises a little bit extra info than the same earlier document on clients.

Nonetheless, a with out a doubt vital feature is the skill to no longer handiest ogle, nonetheless additionally form, which is terribly vital for these who are some distance-off one client.Second. Search handiest for registered users (with out purchases). In allege for you to music clients who occupy carried out half of the plod, in varied phrases, occupy registered, nonetheless occupy no longer bought the leisure, this document will camouflage them.

A particular feature of this mode is that the date filter is utilized to the registration date.Third. The sight the misplaced clients. The essence of the document follows from its title. The document shows a checklist of these who occupy ever made purchases in your retailer, nonetheless did no longer rob the leisure correct by way of the desired period.

With the wait on of it you might perchance well be ready to, shall we embrace, to search out out which clients haven’t bought the leisure in six months (day/month etc), or attain what purchasers in the previous half of the one year did no longer rob the leisure in connection with the lower in build a matter to (shall we embrace, in whisper to adore how a dependent chain of goods particular stipulations).Demonstrate: the closing allege and complete fields are informative, so their put filters attain no longer occupy an affect on the presence of users in the results.

So for these who want to decide on out away all refunds from Analytics when browsing for misplaced clients, shall we embrace, and uncover handiest the closing carried out allege and their complete number, then you might perchance well be ready to attain this.The document “the Goods with out build a matter to»This document enables Download you to be conscious out merchandise are no longer in build a matter to, nonetheless handiest rob or occupy occupied space in the warehouse.

The document helps a form of filters, in conjunction with the skill to filter an merchandise that is in the intervening outing of stock.Please present that for these who might perchance well well occupy a orderly assortment, it might perchance perchance per chance well select time to to find info.Configuring image camouflage in some cases, product experiences might perchance well well require a little valuable image (namely vital when printing).

The camouflage is enabled correct by way of «Customization». You shall be ready to additionally specify the dimensions for the head and width of the following photos.Take hang of into memoir:1. the Settings are utilized to all experiences that camouflage products2.

Displays the principle product camouflage (with out reference to choices)3. links to photos are included in the CSV file handiest if camouflage is enabled.4 Overtime is required to originate the the biggest photos (this might per chance be vital for a orderly form of varied merchandise)Configuring the encoding of the CSV file configuring the encoding in the “Settings” tab.

Necessary level! By default, the positioning encoding is thought to be UTF-8.There are three choices for configuring the output:1. Dwelling windows-1251. Is the conversion from UTF-8 to Dwelling windows-1251.2. UTF-8 (BOM). On this case, a particular marker is added to the text, indicating that the file is in UTF-8 encoding.3.

Without encoding. Right here is for cases when both there is never any iconv, or a varied encoding is extinct, which is why it’s better to construct the tips the file is despatched to your computer with none encoding conversion (shall we embrace, OpenOffice lets you elect the encoding with which to originate the file, which is terribly convenient in cases with non-frequent encodings).Configuration filespecial configuration file of the IMReport module is located here: “gadget/IMReport/IMReportConfig.

ini” (no longer to be perplexed with IMReportConfig.php).This file comprises just a few variables for additional flexible configuration of the module.Most up-to-date variables:Block [dev]; disable document autoloading (1-enabled, 0 — = 0; sql inquire log (1-enabled, 0 — disabled) (stored in gadget/IMReport/Log/)enable_sql_log = 0; sql inquire log — camouflage separate queries (1-enabled, 0 – disabled)enable_sql_log_show_query_at_start = 0block [user]; form of displayed users in the filterlimit_cust = 10; form of Download displayed person groups in the filterlimit_cust_group = 10; delay sooner than ajax inquire in the filterajax_filter_delay = 500;; form of rows displayed in the desk by default (if the number does no longer match the on hand position, it’s added)table_default_num_rows_displayed = 10; form of months in the document “allege Turnover”report_order_sales_months = 12; form of days in the document “allege Turnover by day” (+1 fresh day)report_order_sales_by_day_num = 30 optimization guidelines for faster document generation, make certain that you might perchance well well seemingly occupy created indexes for the tables order_option (order_product_id) and order_total (order_id, code).Whenever you occur to if how to attain this in the phpMyAdmin webhosting panel, then I uncover you to make deliver of the IMDBOptimizer module (OC 3).Capabilities and requirements1.

Filter by lists with multi-want. If just a few ingredients are selected and thought to be one of them is “All ingredients”, then this merchandise is never any longer perceived and filtering is performed on the closing selected ingredients.

In allege for you to filter by all ingredients, then both decide handiest thought to be this form of issues, or determined the need from all default, the positioning encoding is thought to be UTF-8.3. it’s Obligatory that the iconv module is connected (veritably on webhosting sites it’s), in any other case the output of the CSV file can handiest be performed with out encoding.4.deliver a semicolon5 as the separator in the CSV file.

You shall be ready to’t deliver empty dates in the “allege Turnover by day” document. If the date is determined incorrectly, the fresh server date is determined as a change. If the commence date of the period exceeds the tip date, the Download commence date is thought in regards to the tip date.6.

Quantities are calculated in the injurious unit of the opencart engine. Please present that it’s no longer the currency, nonetheless the engine, since editing currencies (shall we embrace, altering the default currency) does no longer consequence in recalculation of orders.Installpackage the archive and reproduction the “admin” and “gadget” directories to the root of the positioning.

no info shall be seminariotaller admin space and position modulability modifiers and cache thatcreate in the admin module (edit) and deliver acetochlorine and ispolzovaniya for OpenCart variations,,, License applies handiest to 1 dwelling.

I.e. 1 arena + all subdomains = 1 payment. By procuring the module, you robotically conform to the license text.The module has the “as is” distribution precept.Enter the payment wants to be made within 5 days after installing the module.

The license key consists of two ingredients. Keys wants to be entered as they were despatched, with out extra spaces or characters.Unauthorized deliver, copying, resale, transfer of the module to third parties, as smartly as varied solutions of distribution, in conjunction with for informational applications, is unlawful.Whenever you occur to bought the module sooner than the introduction of licensing, it is advisable to put in writing and specify the positioning’s arena title and the test arena, if any (present that the test arena wants to be a test arena, i.e.

a subdomain of a dwelling).Whenever you occur to might perchance well well occupy a Russian arena, you will need specify the title that is laid out in config.php in the root of the positioning. Z Dimension: 1.93 Mb, downloaded 723 times

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