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The name’s Rice.

I am usually a silent lurker on Babiato, and do purchase services/accounts from time to time. I have been fortunate to have met many great people and kind sellers on this platform. I am a university student that spends most of their time indoors and on my computer. Whether gaming, editing, or conversing with friends/people across the globe, time at my PC caters to a majority of my day to day life. I also have my occasional adventures out and about in the real world, and would one day like to visit Japan.

It is very unfortunate that a majority of us have lost our old accounts, but please bear in mind that we should be grateful Babiato is still here. Appreciations go out to Babak and the staff team for doing their best in keeping Babiato up! Here’s to rebuilding both our profiles, and Babiato itself!



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