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Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

Press Release Distribution On Top-notch websites

Market Watch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, FOX & +200 Affiliated Media Outlets

+ Free 500 Words article

You can Request for Sample Report Before order

Only for $100

Payment :

Cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin or USDT )


Refund Policy :

Money-Back Guarantee If We Fail To Publish The Press Release

How to Order :

PM me your website URL and your subject

You can Request for Sample Report Before order


Related to Adult, Dating, Music with swear words/explicit content/parental advisory, Politics, Court cases/incidents/injuries, Talent Agency, Betting, Casino/gambling, Health Supplements, Covid-19, Cosmetic surgery, CBD, Vape, Drugs, Alcohol, ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks, Forex, Affiliate Marketing links and relevant websites, Get Rich Quick, Credit scores/reports/ratings, Payday Loans, Buying/Automating Likes & Followers for Social Media and Coupons are not allowed.


What do you guarantee?

Publication on 90% of the sites mentioned in the sample report Guaranteed.

We publish on MW and Benzinga but aren’t guaranteed and may they don’t approve your Business and also their indexing on Google isn’t guaranteed.

Are press release publications permanent?

No PR service provider can offer permanent press release publication. Premium media outlets stay live for up to 3-6 months, other links stay live for a longer period of time.

Can I see/edit the press release before it’s published?

Yes, you must approve the PR before Release

Can I request edits after the press release is published?

No changes can be made After Release.

Can I use “As Seen On FOX, NCN, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Benzinga” logo after the press release is published?

Yes, its common practice to use them in this way as long as you do not imply that they are endorsing you or your business.

Can you Pr on other websites (For example : Forbes , Bloomberg, … )?

Yes, But their price is Different and above $2000 per Post

Semi Premium Websites :

I can provide Press Release Distribution for these below websites, but they price is different, It is $400 per post on each

NY Weekly

NY Wire

LA Wire

US Reporter

The Chicago Journal

Entertainment Monthly News

Portland News

Voyage NY

Music Observer

San Francisco Post

California Gazette

Influencer Daily

CEO Weekly

Artist Weekly

Atlanta Wire

Miami Wire

Entertainment Post

Famous Times:

Market Daily

US Insider

MSM News

Coin Week

Meta Digest

California Observer

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